Ryan Gabert

Neuromovement (Anat Baniel Method) Practitioner

Ryan’s journey to becoming a Neuromeovement Practitioner started from his own experience with dealing with chronic pain. Competitive sports, health and fitness have always been Ryan’s favorite pastimes, but chronic pain was preventing him from fully enjoying them. Everything changed after Ryan’s first “intensive” grouping of Neuromovement lessons.  The pain was not completely gone, but a new level of understanding why the pain was so persistent was apparent.

After receiving his first set of lessons Ryan knew that he had to explore this methodology further and in January 2019 he enrolled in the Anat Baneil Method – Neuromovement training in San Rafeal California. He graduated his ABM Neuromovement training in the October 2020 and is now ready to start showing our community the benefits of Neuromovement.

Ryan’s practitioner goals are to continue to grow the Anat Baniel Method -Neuromovement essentials so more people can feel the drastic effects it can have on one’s day to day life. He is currently furthering his education in the Anat Baniel Method taking Children with Specials Needs Mastery course and Old Age Vitality and plans to work with children, adults, and elderly.

 “You’re as OLD as you are… and as YOUNG as you feel. Neuromovement more than anything keeps me feeling young!”