Meet Our Team!

Brenna Bouchard R.Ac Owner, Registered Acupuncturist at Fort Saskatchewan Acupuncture

Brenna Bouchard R.Ac
Owner, Registered Acupuncturist
Reiki & S.I.T. Practitioner

Brenna first started in the health and fitness industry by graduating from the NAIT Personal Fitness Training program in 2011, and becoming a Certified Personal Trainer through the Canadian Association of Exercise Physiology, as well as a Corrective Exercise Specialist with the National Strength and Conditioning Association.

After a several months of dealing with a stubborn sports injury, she sought out acupuncture treatment. She not only had great results with her injury, but also learned that acupuncture was effective for treating her headaches and PCOS symptoms as well. After experiencing such incredible results and pain relief, she decided that she wanted to have a greater impact on people’s health not only with fitness, but all facets of health through holistic health practices.

She enrolled in the Acupuncture Program at MacEwan University and graduated in 2016. She is now a Registered Acupuncturist through the College and Association of Acupuncture of Alberta.

Competitive sports and staying active have always been an integral part of her life, and Brenna is passionate about keeping both body and mind at optimal levels not only for performance, but for better quality of life and longevity.

Her philosophy is to encourage both mental and physical lifestyle changes and to promote healing by combining both traditional and modern techniques. She also feels that authenticity and a sense of humour are essential for effective treatment and long lasting results.

“Disease and injuries are serious, and can be quite physically, mentally and emotionally draining. Having a light-hearted and comforting feel while being treated by a knowledgeable, empathetic and authentic practitioner gives you a break from the stress and discomfort of disease. This nurtures more effective and sustainable results.”

Brenna’s areas of interest include:

  • Acute or Chronic Pain
  • Sports Injuries
  • Psycho-emotional and Stress Management
  • Headaches
  • Insomnia
  • Gastrointestinal Issues
  • Fatigue
  • Gynecological Issues (PMS, painful periods)

Kaitlin Dillon R.Ac
Registered Acupuncturist

Growing up in a small town on the east coast, Kaitlin has always had a passion for helping people. When she moved to Alberta 6 years ago, she decided to go on a new journey, which led her to enrolling in the acupuncture program in 2014. During her 3 years at Grant MacEwan university she learned about Traditional Chinese Medicine and how it helps in healing the body. Combining acupuncture with guasha, cupping & other modalities – which all work together in your treatment to help balance the mind, body & spirit.

Kaitlin believes in treating the body as a whole, knowing how your body works will help you in your own journey to better health!

Kaitlins areas of interest include:

  • Women’s Health
  • Insomnia
  • Gastrointestinal Disorders
  • Pain Management
  • Emotional Issues 
  • Stress Management

Alyssa McConnell RMT
Registered Massage Therapist

As a competitive cheerleader, Alyssa has had her struggles with sports injuries. At the end of her first season, she had an injury that stopped her from completing simple everyday activities. Unfortunately, she was advised that she didn’t need any rehabilitation treatments and the injury never fully recovered. When she started attending the massage therapy program at MacEwan, she realized just how beneficial massage and the proper care could be for someone struggling with an injury and everyday pain. Having experienced and learned the benefits first hand, she now has even more of a drive to help people recover from injuries, and get back to their old selves.

Alyssa’s treatment style is versatile and changes based on the needs of each individual. She uses a variety of techniques to help people suffering not only from sports related injuries, but the everyday aches and pains that can occur.

She is a Registered Massage Therapist with 2200 hours of training. She graduated from MacEwan University’s two year diploma program in June of 2015, and has been registered with the Remedial Massage Therapists Association since March of 2015.

Alyssa aims to educate clients on proper self-care between massages, with the goal of staying healthy and pain free in the long term. She believes regular massage and self-care are essential to maintain a healthy, pain free lifestyle.

Alyssa’s areas of interest include:

  • Sports Injuries
  • Tension Headaches
  • Stress Management
  • Whiplash Injuries
  • Sports Performance
  • Plantar Fasciitis
  • Tendonitis
  • Prenatal Massage

Kelly Wolf R.Ac*
Registered Acupuncturist*, Reiki Master, Sound Therapist

Kelly has been involved in sports for most of her life. She worked as a skydiving instructor and videographer for 28 years and in that time she earned a bachelor degree in Exercise Science and Physiology as well as earning her certification as a personal trainer.

In 2008, Kelly became physically debilitated after a low back surgery. With no hope of recovery, she turned to acupuncture and alternative medicine. She slowly improved and eventually travelled to a healing retreat in Peru with the Shipbipo Shaman. Her healing experience was profound and sparked a desire to learn more about alternative medicine.

After her return, Kelly became a Reiki Master Teacher and a Level 4 Acutonics Sound Therapy Practitioner. Kelly also has a passion for animals and has been treating horses, dogs and cats since 2012. To add to her list of modalities, she has also been trained in Medical Ozone Therapy. She graduated from the Acupuncture program at MacEwan University in 2017 and is currently awaiting her acupuncture license.

Kelly’s passion is to treat the “whole being” and nurture the connection between the body, mind and spirit. Her philosophy is to foster the limitless possibilities of healing and encourage a healthy lifestyle as we age. 

Kelly’s areas of interest include:

  • Chronic & Acute Pain
  • Chronic Fatigue
  • Digestive Issues
  • Gynecological Issues
  • Infertility
  • Sports Injuries
  • Immune Related Issues
  • Psycho-emotional Issues

*License pending

Cassandra Parton, RMT 
Registered Massage Therapist

Cassandra has always been fascinated by the human body and how it operates. This curiosity along with the drive to provide a service that helps people feel their best is what initially landed her in the massage therapy program.

Cassandra graduated from a 2200 hour RMT program at Trillium College in Ontario and is registered with the Natural Health Practitioners of Canada. 

She has a passion for providing quality treatments that are individually customized to clients in search of relaxation and relief of soft tissue pain & stress. She also loves helping clients improve sports performance, recovery & injuries.

She is passionate about education and is consistently learning about the body and different modalities that can be beneficial for her clients. 

Cassandra’s goal for each treatment is for her clients to leave feeling better than when they walked in. She aims to decrease pain, tension and stress while promoting relaxation and increased range of motion. She strongly believes that self care is the key to maintaining a healthy balanced lifestyle and hopes that her treatments will aid in her clients achieving that. 

Cassandra’s areas of interest include: 

  • Relaxation and stress maintenance 
  • Therapeutic deep tissue
  • Trigger point therapy
  • Cupping therapy 
  • Tension headaches
  • Sciatic pain & TOS

Holistic health and complimentary medicine have always been a passion for Avery as chronic health issues have been a prominent within her family.  Interested in “anything BUT acupuncture” until one fateful day an acupuncturist gave her a simple treatment during her yoga training that dramatically changed her opinion. The sensation and experience were so profound that she signed up for acupuncture school at MacEwan University the following year.

Avery Daugela R.Ac
Registered Acupuncturist

Avery’s mission is to share the remarkable experience of acupuncture with as many people as possible. Whether it is your first or fiftieth time, her goal is to have every person walk out of her acupuncture room with the same amount of wonder and curiosity that she felt after her first treatment. Whether you are interested in complimentary medical practices, learning about Traditional Chinese Medicine, or simply want results, acupuncture is for you.

Avery has a special interest in fertility and reproductive health. From menarche to pregnancy to menopause acupuncture has lots to offer. Her fertility interests are not limited to gynecology and include the health and fertility of all genders.

Avery’s areas of interest include:

  • Fertility and Reproductive Health
  • Pregnancy
  • Gynecological Issues
  • Pain Management
  • Sports Injuries
  • Digestive Disorders
  • Mental Health
  • Sleep Disorders
  • General Wellness

Lynne Maltby

Lynne has been involved with children for most of her life, being an elementary school teacher for 32 years.  Upon retiring in 2018, she knew that she wanted to embark on another career.  

Lynne has been an active participant at the gym for many years, but as a result, she has many body related injuries. She has always sought out a more holistic approach to achieve pain relief, including massage, acupuncture, chiropractic, and physiotherapy.  

A friend mentioned to her that Reflexology may be a good source of relaxation, and aid in pain relief. Upon taking the first year of retirement to relax, she enrolled in a Reflexology course at the Academy of Reflexology and Massage in Sherwood Park.

Upon completing her course in April of 2019, she opened up a home-based business, where she practiced until March of this year, until Covid-19 forced her to close.  Due to Covid-19, she feels that it is the safest for her clients and herself, to practice in a more clinical environment, away from her family.  

Lynne loves practicing Foot Reflexology because she enjoys seeing the overall feeling of relaxation, and well being that her clients have experience.  Lynne also feels that she benefits from the treatments that she gives others herself, as she also feels more relaxed too.   

The main benefits of Reflexology include:

  • Relaxation of mind
  • Better concentration
  • Better sleep  
  • Improved digestion
  • Increased circulation 
  • Boosted energy levels