Ho Ho Hohhhh-Nooooooo – Acupuncture for Holiday Hip Pain

It’s that time of year again, magic is in the air…. and butts are meeting the pavement.

Statistics Canada documents that as many as 1.7 million falls occur for people age 12 and older every year, accounting for about 40 percent of all injuries.

That’s a lot of sore bottoms (amongst other things).

Dealing with pain in the hips, low back, and/or glutes? Acupuncture could be your answer to a speedy recovery and get you back in the holiday spirit!

Often when someone has had a fall, the muscles, tissues, and acupuncture channels have been disturbed and compromised. This causes the body’s energy and blood to become stagnant or deficient in the injured areas. 

With time, our body’s natural healing process will often get energy and blood flow moving again as it should. However, due to other body imbalances, sometimes there may not be enough energy to get the healing movement going again. This stagnation can cause problem areas to persist, resulting in lingering pain and slower healing.

Getting acupuncture treatments after a trauma will support the movement of energy and blood flow in the injured area and will channel the body’s need to support the healing. The practitioner can often determine if there are other underlying problems that may contribute to slower healing such as “blood deficiency” or “qi stagnation” or “qi deficiency.”  For underlying problems, the practitioner can make diet and lifestyle recommendations to help the patient tune in to their body and support optimal healing.

So instead of trying to “walk it off” and allowing the pain to linger and make the condition more difficult to correct, consider trying acupuncture! We want you to be able to fully enjoy the holiday festivities. 

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