Why does my jaw hurt? – Acupuncture Treatment for TMJ


“My jaw used to be so tight that I couldn’t even yawn without pain and discomfort. After treatment, I felt amazing! Have you ever seen the movie “The Mummy”? I felt like I could open my mouth wider than him!”

– N.K. after her first acupuncture treatment for TMJ

Acupuncture TMJ

What is TMJ?

No, it doesn’t stand for Too Much Jell-o (because there’s no such thing as too much Jell-o)! TMJ disorder or Temporomandibular Joint disorder is a term referring to dysfunction and pain in the jaw. This affects over 1 million Canadians, according to TMJSC (Temporomandibular Joint Society of Canada).

Symptoms can include headaches, clicking or locking of the jaw, teeth grinding, and pain in the jaw which can radiate to the neck and shoulders.

What causes TMJ?

While not everyone has the same causes of TMJ, a few of the top culprits are stress, anxiety, excessive gum chewing, body pain and poor sleep.

How can acupuncture help TMJ?

Acupuncture is great for alleviating local pain in the jaw, neck and shoulders by releasing muscle tension and increasing healing and circulation of fresh blood. More importantly, a TCM (Traditional Chinese Medicine) and holistic approach addresses the root cause of the TMJ, which ensures longer lasting results.

For example, if you’re grinding your teeth from stress, your jaw pain will keep coming back until the underlying stress issues are resolved.

Why is it important to get treatment for TMJ early?

Chronic TMJ can not only be more stubborn to treat if left alone, but it can lead to more intense (and more painful) problems such as arthritis, tooth damage and decreased range of motion in the jaw.

So whether you have stiffness, nightly teeth grinding or you just want to be able to open your mouth as wide as “The Mummy”, it’s important to take care of those chomper muscles!

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